Is there a way to use multiple lines in motion text?

Good afternoon everyone.

I am currently working on a third WeVideo project which requires multiple lines of motion text. However, I only see that you can insert one line of text. Is there a way to insert multiple lines in the same block of motion text?

Thank you very much!

Hi Staricle:
I made a video to show how I put 3 seperate linesof motion text into 3 video tracks and made it appear that it was all the same the text box. I hope this helps! Please email me directly if this does NOT answer your question.


Thanks @penny.stuiber that is very helpful!

Sometimes I want to use the graphics from motion text, but I can’t fit everything in the space allowed. My fix is to add the motion text with all the lines blank and then add static text to the track above. Size both so they work together. That way I can keep the fun graphics but have as much text as I want.

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